About Erikscollectables

This is the website where I will blog about my current interests, new additions to my collections and the research I am doing at the moment.

Some blogs will end up as articles which I publish on a regular basis. At the moment of publication the items are part of my collection but some have gone to other caretakers since publication.

My main fields of interest are: The Dutch East Indies Army, The Atjeh War, Atjeh and Gayo status weapons, Hungary in WW1 and 2 and Gallantry / Bravery medals of the Netherlands and Hungary.

I started blogging in 2015 and moved to this new location in  2019, new blogs will only be added here.

For more info or questions you can me reach at: info@erikscollectables.com

Thanks for looking, Erik

PS I try to use my own photo material as much as possible but use public domain photo’s to illustrate the themes where suitable. In those cases I give the source if availabe. If you are the copyright owner of any picture on this website do let me know and I will adapt the content according to your wishes.