Navy – Nanking 1927, Dutch involvement, Hr. Ms. Sumatra

Although the 1927 Nanking incident mainly involved the great nations of that time there also was a minor involvement of the Dutch Navy and a group of their landing forces. Two albums from an officer of the light cruiser Hr. Ms. Sumatra show photo’s of the Dutch involvement in the incident that were previously unknown!

As it happened the Sumatra was taken into use in 1926 and started a trip around the world to the Dutch East Indies in September of that year. It had a crew of just over 500 men.

During that trip the Sumatra stopped in many place like Hawai.

The officers in front of the Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan.

The officer in action with the sextant on the ship.

The ship arrived in Shanghai on the 19th of Februari, so in time for the Nanking incident about which you can read more here

In the second photo album dedicated to the Nanking part of the trip of the Sumatra are also some newspaper clippings about the incident and many original photo’s:

A Dutch naval landing detachment of around 140 men would be stationed in the business district just like English and American forces in order to protect western properties, including some Dutch trade and banking companies.

English forces:

American forces

And finally the Dutch naval landing forces!

I will further research the incident and the Dutch involvement so expect some updates and maybe some more photo’s from the albums in the coming period.