Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, named 2nd pattern

The two men Fairbairn and Sykes developed a knife during their pre war time in the Shanghai police. During WW2 the knife was adopted by the English special forces. It is often dubbed the commando knife and it is used as a symbol in many special forces badge since WW2 up to the current day.

There are three distinct versions that were used during WW2. The first pattern was made by the Wilkinson Sword company since 1941 and in 1942 the second pattern was introduced. That was again replaced in 1943 by a third pattern that had many more producers besides Wilkinson was mainly machine ground and made in greater quantaties.

After havind sold a first pattern example many years ago in order to fund another purchase I have now a special custom order variation of the 2nd pattern. Although not as rare as the first pattern the second pattern knives with a custom text (in most cases a name) are quite rare and desirable.

The name on the scroll is G.R. Phillips. A quick search in both English and American archives delivered only one hit on the exact combination. An US Army Air Force pilot who flew on B29s. As this is a private purchase knife that was sold at a premium price this could be the original owner but probably it will remain elusive if he really was the owner without more input than only the name.

Here a well used example of the 2nd pattern from my collection where the Wilkinson and F-S markings hardly can be distinguished.

And some of my favorite KNIL Special Forces badges with a depiction of a F-S Fighting Knife!

There are some great sources for further reading on the many variations of this knife: