Indian Tulwar, 19th century or earlier

Some time ago I had to buy an entire collection to get hold of two very nice rentjong for my own collection. Most items came from different regions and quickly went to other collections. This piece and the Ottoman yataghan discussed earlier still remain in my own collection.

This is a reasonable standard Tulwar of good quality from the 19th century and based on the hilt possibly even 18th century or earlier!

The hilt is of the Hakim Shahi style described here. There are remains of silverwork in the handle and it might have looked somewhat like this masterpiece from the small state of Ratlam.

The quality of the steel is nice with a layered construction resulting in wootz.

Overall it is a nice and honest example of the famous Indian Tulwar type sword just like the Yataghan is a good example of the Ottoman sword. Two very different but somewhat “exotic” items in my small collections.

With thanks to Peter of for his input!