Carl Zeiss 10×50 – The binoculars of the century (Jahrhundert Fernglas)!

A bit less historical than most of my blogs but nevertheless a part of the history of Gerrit on which I wrote several blogs before. One of his prized posessions, next to his Rolex Datejust was a, West-German, Carl Zeiss 10×50 Binocular dubbed the “Binocular of the Century” or in German “Jahrhundert Fernglas” by the maker.

Other possesions of Gerrit including his prized Rolex Datejust.

In an article in a Dutch newspaper these binoculars are described as the Rolls Royce of binoculars which they indeed were with a prize to match. He bought them in the 60s (exact date unknown) and had them even personalized with his name. They went with him to many of the exotic places he visited during his life including the Vietnam war and many places after that.

After I received these they became part of my “historical” collection but I did not dare to use them during my own travels. Therefore I bought another pair (8x50b variation) which are even more practical in daily use.

This pair also came with the full history (purchased in 1962) and they were updated in the early 90’s with a new cover and sling. These I use on a regular basis but are nice to share also because of the full history they have.

The were bought in 1962 by a Medical Doctor and the bill even has a custom duties stamp as they were imported from Germany.

The astronomical amount of DFL 707,- in 1962